Ferrari unveiled its FXX Evoluzione

Ferrari unveiled its FXX Evoluzione over the weekend at an event in Italy. As the name suggests, the FXX Evoluzione is an evolution of the FXX program first launched in 2005. The new car was developed with Michael Schumacher and about 20 Client Test Drivers — insider talk for Ferrari FXX owners.

Changes to the FXX Evoluzione includes modifications to aerodynamics, running gear and electronics. Output for the FXX’s V12 engine now totals a staggering 860 horsepower and its redline has been raised to 9,500 rpm. Shift times are down 20 milliseconds — now taking just 60 milliseconds — and the car’s traction control system has been tuned to be less intrusive and features nine settings that can be adjusted on the fly. The FXX Evoluzione’s brakes are made of a Composite Ceramic Material and are supplied by Brembo.

The FXX Evoluzione’s exterior has been slightly altered to promote better aerodynamics — including a new rear diffuser — and is 25% more efficient than the previous car.

The changes result in a 1 minute 16 second lap time of the Fiorano race track — a two second improvement over the standard FXX.

Like the previous FXX program, the cars will be showcased in a series of races held in North America, Europe and Asia.


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