Honda CR-Z Concept to make production

Honda just unveiled its CR-Z Concept at Tokyo Motor Show, but has already announced that a variation of the car will make production by 2009. The Japanese automaker failed to mention any details about the production vehicle, but did indicate that it would follow the concept’s green yet sporty intentions.

Powered by a gasoline-hybrid engine, Honda says CR-Z stands for ‘Compact Renaissance Zero.’ However Honda explains how they ended up with the CR-Z name, the car is an obvious successor to the popular CRX hatchback of the 1980s and early 90s.

Honda calls the CR-Z a “lightweight sports car,” indicating that it will have the performance to backup its sporty looks — highlighted by an over-sized grill and twin front air ducts. Honda failed to release any specific information about the show or production car, but it’s believed that the CR-Z shares its powertrain with the current Civic Hybrid.

The CR-Z’s interior follows the design theme of “Hi-tech and Sporty,” achieved by a very futuristic instrument panel. Honda also designed the interior to seem very airy and spacious by using mesh material on a simple framework.



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