Maybach Excelero

interesting car.


Ferrari Theme Park

WOW, ferrari is really trying to appeal to everyone, and really branding themselves, they are opening over 40 stores world-wide in a few years and opening this ferrari theme park in Capial of Dubai. The theme park will include a ferrari circuit track to drive ferraris and will include rides and everything. really cool and interesting just wish it was in USA.

Honda replaces something harmful with water.

really smart honda commercial, hondas marketing team is really clever. very interesting car, a fuel-cell vehicle that spits out water from its exhaust instead of carbon. honda is onto something while this car comes out in 2008.

Spanish Man Crashes his ferrari

some guy spanish guy crashes his ferrari testarossa in Spain, all i can say is just because you have money doesn’t make you a smart or good driver. Poor Car

AC Schnitzer GP3.10 natural-gas powered 3-series hits 318 km/h

this bmw is powered by a V10 engine pulled from the M5/M6 running off liquefied petroleum. A small 3 series coupe with an M5 engine!!! and on top of that Ac Schnizter added more hp to the stock M5 engine, totalling to 552 hp and 400 lb.-ft. of torque.the GP3.10 set the world record for the fastest gas-powered car in the world.

[Source: AC Schnitzer]

New Hyundai Genesis looks like a BMW,LEXUS.

check out the new hyundai does it look familar? it should, this car has the grille of a lexus ls 460, and the back tail lights look like a bmw 5 series, so if you want a knock off you can get this cheap piece of crap for like half the price, still at least hyundai is combining two nice cars which is a start from the other Hyundais.

[Source: bobaedream]

1967 Mustang Fastback

short but sweet, nice video and nice car, really liking the red color, sounded nice also, would love to have one of these cars.