Wake up! Saab jumping on the drowsy driver bandwagon

Saab has decided to join the ranks of other automakers intent on keeping you awake behind the wheel, without resorting to a VitaminEnergy I.V. mounted in the seatback. The Driver Attention Warning System is currently being tested on a Saab 9-3 SportCombi and utilizes two infrared cameras to monitor the driver’s eyelids to detect sleepiness or when your attention veers from the task ahead. When that happens, the driver will be prompted with a chime and a quaint message asking, “Tired?” If you ignore the first alert, the Saab starts getting uppity, with an electronic voice saying, “You are tired.” and failing that, it will then command you to get off the road by proclaiming, “You are dangerously tired. Stop as soon as it is safe to do so.”

Although no time table is set, if Hal’s system is given the ominous red eye green light, expect it to debut on future Saab models.

Genious! they should put this on trucks. i think this is a good start but maybe people should probably, i dunno not drive when you’re tired. instead they should make a car with a bed or something in it so you can pull over and sleep.


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