Google to begin giving maps away at the pump

Google to begin giving maps away at the pump

Gas is only getting more expensive, so why shouldn’t we expect a little added value bonus when we pull in to fill up at the local gas mart? Google is announcing today that in addition to $4/gallon gas, some stations will also be offering free directions via Google Maps to local landmarks, hotels, restaurants and hospitals. The service is made possible by special pumps that produced by Gilbarco Veeder-Root that are hooked up to the internet. They display Google Maps on a color screen embedded in the pump that will help wayward motorists find their way around. Unfortunately, users will initially only be able to select destinations within the aforementioned categories that have been specifically selected by the gas station’s owner, but Gilbarco hopes to add the functionality of inputing specific addresses soon. Bonus: there will be no ads pasted all over the maps. Retailers hope to earn back the income instead by including an “In-Store Offers” buttons that lead users to a coupon page. Free maps and three Snickers bars for a buck? We’re in!

Carversation Comments: Can be good but can be bad. this can be a great thing when you’re in some city and you’re lost and need some help, but now it makes people take even longer at the pump

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