Infiniti prices 2008 M and new AWD M45x

Infiniti prices 2008 M and new AWD M45x

click above image for high-res gallery of the 2008 Infiniti M

Infiniti announced pricing for its entire M lineup this week, a lineup that grows by one model with the addition of the M45x. The M45x features Infiniti’s 325-hp 4.5L V8 paired to the company’s ATTESA E-TS all-wheel-drive system. Previously buyers could only get AWD if they bought the entry-level M35x powered by the 275-hp 3.5L VQ V6. The M45x will start at $51,850, making it the most expensive M model, while the regular rear-wheel-drive M45 begins at $49,350 and the M35/M35x start at $43,050 and $44,800, respectively.

Also of note is that the M Sport models are gone, replaced by a Sport Package that can apparently be had on either the M35 or M45. The Sport Package includes unique exterior and interior tweaks, Rear Active Steer and 19-inch wheels. Also, the M35’s Journey Package including climate-controlled seats and Xenon headlamps is now standard equipment. There are a host of other minor improvements that have been made to the M about which you can read in Infiniti’s press release after the jump. Also check out the subtle visual changes made to the M in our high-res gallery below.

Carversation Comments: Way over priced, 52k for an infiniti you can get a nice bmw or mercedes for that price. still a nice looking car though.

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