LA Auto Show preview: Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

LA Auto Show preview: Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

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As was the case last year, the upcoming LA Auto Show will have a decidedly “green” tinge to it as automakers use the California setting to tout the alt-fuel offerings that they’re both selling now and have under development. Porsche (now that it has removed Detroit from its calendar) calls LA its most important showcase, and will bring the Cayenne Hybrid along for all to see. Due by the end of the decade, the Cayenne uses a parallel hybrid system that will help the SUV achieve fuel economy of at least 26 US MPG. This, while retaining its off-road capabilities and and a towing capacity of 7,000 pounds, according to an earlier announcement by the automaker. Joining the Cayenne Hybrid on the stand will be Lohner-Porsche electric vehicle, which first made its debut at the 1900 World’s Fair. Yep, they did in-wheel electric motors way back then, too. AutoblogGreen has more on Porsche’s vintage EV, and we’ll have a full complement of Autobloggers on hand in LA to get the skinny on the Cayenne Hybrid.

Carversation Comments: Pretty cool but i wouldn’t think if you can afford a porsche cayenne you care about gas prices.

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