BMW 330i races around the Top Gear track… without a driver

Not much is known or said about the special Bmw 330i given to Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear but he didn’t push any controls once. The windshield of the car says BMW Track Trainer, not sure what that means but my guess is its used to show tracks to racers instead of actually driving on it. BMW taught the car the corners and driving lines of the track by programming its satnav. They didn’t time the car but it was doing about 100mph and that is really good for a driver less car. I think Bmw is onto something great, i mean you can use this for people who don’t know how to drive or are too old to drive or blind people, it can help a lot of lives. It can be great for places to use for commercial use like Disneyland etc.. i’m not talking about the Bmw one exactly, i mean the driver less technology in general. Also, i’m sure it can be used for bad things, i mean a car programmed without a driver, you can get away with a lot of stuff just push a button and have the car do something. I’m just fascinated by this and left in amazement but still curious as to how the car would know when to slow down or speed, i mean what if their are street lights. Also, the car shows to be a 330i, that is an old model, only 328i and 335i are made now,so this is an old video and also Bmw probably made some better advances on this. Check out this insane video.

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