BMW or BENZ? Which is better?

So if you haven’t noticed from majority of posts which are about bmw, i’m a bmw person, but recently have been leaning towards Mercedes for good reasons. Couple of years ago, Bmw in my idea was a lot better than Benz but now that gap for me is becoming really small. I mean if you break down each class, Benz seems to be better, C class the new body is really nice and i like it a lot, and i’d still take the 335i over it or the new m3 over the c63 amg but still that C class is really a step up from previous generations. Now the E class or 5 series, i find the E-class a lot nicer now than the 5 series especially the E63 Amg, over an M5, and also Benz will be changing the E class body to match with the new body of S class and C class which will make it even nicer. You then have the SL which is just amazing, SLR Mclaren which speaks for itself, and then the CLK 63 AMG black series, which is just an amazing car. Then you have the Big Boy cars, the 7 series and S class, i find the new S class a lot better then a 7 series, especially the S65 AMG take that over a 760li any time, but the 6 series bmw i like better than the CL benz, and x5 bmw better than any Benz SUV, so Benz in my idea is making a big impact towards Bmw, which sells more cars than any other German Brand, so which would you take and why?

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  2. HOTTT….hope they make the same model with vegan leather. 😀

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