Bugatti Veyron OR Mclaren F1? Which?

Suppose for a moment that you were filthy rich, or someone said you can get either a Bugatti or a Mclaren which would you take? The BMW V12 that in standard tune is good for 627 hp or a W 16 cylinder 1,001 hp Bugatti. The Mclaren is lighter and is designed by formula 1 team, and the Bugatti which is heavier does handle very well also, considering it should for the selling price of $1.4million. Now which would you take, the Mclaren which can fit 3 people because the driver sits in the middle or the Bugatti which fits 2. I personally would take the Bugatti just because it is new and so fast, but as far as looks i find the Mclaren to look a lot better than Bugatti, if the Mclaren could do same speed as the Bugatti then i’d take the Mclaren. So which would you take? Here are some videos of the cars if you need some help.[Source Jalopnik]


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  1. I would take the Bugatti, for sure. That car is sleek and super hot…almost futuristic.

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