Chrysler 300C Hollywood limo

Even though Chrysler is not part of Daimler, Chryslers display area was right across from its former parent at the Detroit show. The 300c hollywood limo oddly enough looks very similar to Maybach Landaulet. Chrysler has already copied the bentley and rolls royce with this 300c and now they are copying the Maybach, they are the Microsoft of the auto industry. This is just too funny, but all in all it does look really nice, but its kinda funny how the top goes off for the driver, the chauffeur apparently gets to ride in style. Maybach has it set up perfect, where the actual owners get to enjoy the ride. Also, the limo has suicide doors similar to the Rolls-Royce Phantom. [Source Auto Blog]


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  1. Whhhat? they have a limo version of this car? O-M-G. That is seriously the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!! I wonder how much these cost.

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