2008: The Year of Mercedes-Benz

Our good friends at Mercedes-Benz Blog posted this great article of the new upcoming models for Mercedes-Benz this year.

Mercedes-Benz GLK-Klasse

Definitely, the biggest surprise from Mercedes-Benz for 2008. The X3 killer will make its appearance at NAIAS 2008 as a concept, and then it will presented as a production version at Geneve Auto Show in March, this year. It will boast with the updated 350 engine, which is now developing 305 BHP. Apparently, the GLK will only be offered in LHD version, because of the high extra costs needed for adapting the 4MATIC system to RHD version.

Mercedes-Benz A-Klasse & B-Klasse

Mid-life cycle always means a little refreshment for the models one carmaker produces. And it’s also the case of MB. It was decided that the A & B MPVs need a facelift in order to keep up the pace with their competitors. Up to this moment, we don’t know anything else about the changes due for these 2 models;from the spy shots we can only see that the radiator grille will be changed with one similar to that of the new generation C-Klasse Avantgarde.

Mercedes-Benz ML-Klasse

The mid-range SUV is due for a substantial facelift in 2008, which will affect the way front & back end of the car look. Also, it is reported that new, more refined materials are expected for the interior.

Mercedes-Benz CLC-Klasse

More of a facelift than an all new car. CLC-Klasse stands for the outgoing C-Klasse Sportcoupe. MY 2008 received a new, C inspired front fascia and completely redesigned back light blocks. Minor changes at the interior of the car and no changes for the drivetrain:it will remain the same from the previous C203 generation. Well, kinda weird attitude from MB with this so-called new model…

For more direct reactions, MB decided to equip the CLC with a new, sporty active steering.

Mercedes-Benz CL-Klasse 4MATIC

Finally, the large luxury S-Based coupe from MB will receive ‘Allradantrieb’ system. That’s the German for ‘All Wheel Drive’.

Mercedes-Benz SL-Klasse & CLS-Klasse

Both models were presented during January 2008. The CLS-Klasse comes with only minor changes at the exterior and a new entry-level engine, the CLS 280, developing 231 BHP. On the other hand, the sporty roadster SL-Klasse has sufferred major changes, because it received a completely new, more aggressive front fascia. Changes at the back end of the car as small as a fly, though. The big surprise are the new engines offered for the car:the SL 350, developing 315 BHP, and the SL 63 AMG, featuring a staggering 525 BHP output.

Mercedes-Benz SLK-Klasse

Presented a few weeks ago, in December 2007, as 2008 model, the SLK roadster comes out of the wraps with a new, sportier appearance, new materials & colours for the dashboard and the interior, the new updated V6 unit producing 305 BHP & sadly, the same, unchanged engine for the SLK 55 AMG.


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