2008 BMW M3 Coupe being marked up to $100,000

Chances are if you see the new 2008 BMW M3 on the road, that owner paid around $100,000 for it. I love BMW and i love the new M3 but its not worth $100,000. Dealers know their is a high interest in this Barvarian coupe and is taking advantage by marking it up as much as $30,000 from msrp. Here is a copy of the invoice of an M3 at a BMW dealership in north Hollywood. The dealer clearly marks up the car by $30,000. I know it may be awesome to have one of the earliest M3's around but within weeks everyone will have them so is it worth really an extra $30k. I know this is the best M3 made but paying $100,000 for an M3 is absurd, you can get an M5 for that price or something really high class for that price. Would you pay over $100,000 for it.[Source Auto Blog]

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