Bugatti Veyron Targa Scheduled for 2009

How can a Bugatti get better?…..How can the rich greedy people not already satisfied with a regular Bugatti be satisfied? Take the top off on the Bugatti. A  Volkswagen source has confirmed to Automotive News that Bugatti is indeed working on a Veyron Targa. Bugatti is forced to make it a targa (detachable roof) rather than a convertible (folding roof) because there is no storage space for the roof in the car. Bugatti has repeatedly stated that they will not build more than 300 Veyrons, of which 220 have been spoken for already. How many Veyrons will go topless is unknown, but 80 would be the maximum. Who will be the lucky few owners of this car?…probably someone in sunny California.[Source:World Car Fans]

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