Spy Shots:Lexus LF-A arrives at the ring

The Lexus LF-A seems like a car that will never make it to the dealership. Spy photographers from KGP have caught another new version of the LF-A near the famed Nurburgring in Germany, this one apparently decked out in full racing gear. The most obvious difference is the giant rear wing in place of the retractable one seen on prior prototypes. It also has what appears to be carbon fiber canards on the outer edges of the front clip, which seems like a hint this isn't a road car but a track only car. The speculations going around is that Lexus is making two types of LF-A, one for racing on the track(one with wing) and one for the regular streets. I hope this car comes out soon, I really love the way it looks, especially the one without a spoiler. I look forward to seeing it.[Source:Auto Blog,Image Source: Left Lane News]-Check out images below of both prototypes, More pictures after the jump. 



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