The best commercials for car makes are?

I wanted to share my idea of the best commercials i’ve seen for each auto maker. Which is the best? and any good ones we missed?



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So who owns who

So you want a nice elegant Jaguar, you want a nice English car you think American cars are bad, well guess what Jaguar is owned by Ford. Here is the chart to see who owns who[Source:Cars!Cars!Cars!]

Rolls Royce

Chrysler owns:
-AMC (brand discontinued — Chrysler bought AMC primarily for the Jeep brand which was owned by AMC)
-Eagle (brand discontinued)
-Plymouth (brand discontinued)

Daimler/Chrysler owns:
-Chrysler (small percentage)

Fiat owns:
-Alfa Romeo

Ford owns:
-Aston Martin (SALE PENDING)
-Land Rover (bought from BMW)
-Mazda (Ford owns 33% of Mazda)
-Volvo cars

Fuji Heavy Industries owns:

General Motors owns:

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BMW M5 vs Range Rover Sport

Carversation:Weirdest race, still rover was fast